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When unplanned collaboration yields beautiful results

May 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

        A good friend of mine posted a fantastic shot of a model she stumbled upon in NYC last week. I was awe-struck by the image. It was the perfect framing, with great expression and lighting. I asked her to send me the file so I could add a few tweaks to it to see if she liked a slightly edited version. She not only sent me that image, but another! I edited both images in LR and resent for her approval. She was pleased, and so was I!

            The first image was adjusted for exposure and a bit more clarity. Thereafter, I tweaked the RGB curve and played around with split toning until I got just the right amount of yellow and blue undertones to complement the model's face. The second image was a bit harder to edit since the model was not facing the sunlight. I adjusted her skin tone colors so it was as similar as it could be to the first image. I deepened the blacks and shadows to add a bit of texture to her hair and adjusted the color curve to give it an overall matte look. Here's a before and after of both images.

           I wish I had a few moments with this beauty. I'd love to hand her a parsol and take some super girly shots! Ah well... headed to an adventure with my friend this weekend. Stay tuned for more photos! 

To view my friend's work, click here.


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