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Photo Project: Week 21

June 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

          The theme for this week's photo is Suspense. The task from the Fifty-two frames group was to have a portrait that displayed personality. A number of ideas circulated in my head, but in the end... I decided to keep it simple. I called up a friend and asked for her to be the subject of my photo after explaining some of my ideas. Even though she was a bit ill, we got together yesterday in Midtown and snapped a few shots. 

          As seen in the photo I selected for this week's blog, she's reading a book that she seems to be all caught up in and eagerly anticipating what's to come next. It's kinda funny, considering that the book was mine and she was simply posing. Nevertheless, I thought she did a splendid job of capturing what I had in mind. 

          I decided to have a head-on shot because I thought it provided more depth to the photo. That is, the way she's captivated by what she's reading and the anxiety she experiences as evidenced by her nimbling on her nails. I also kept the editing to a minimum, because I wanted to keep the overall effect of the image as simple as possible. After all, this was a girl who was just sitting in park on a warm summer day.... reading a book. Nothing too extravagant, right?

        A special thank you to my amazing friend for being my muse :) 

Photo Specs: 

     F-stop: f/4.8
     Exposure time: 1/80 sec
     ISO speed: 200
     Focal length: 45 mm


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