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52 Frames: Personality

September 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Week 38: Personality

Quote: My soul is a hidden forest where you will find gems of my past life.

Thirty-Eight: PersonalityThirty-Eight: Personality

       Another tough one! This week's theme required us showcasing our personalities without using ourselves. I decided to go with my roots for this one. I chose Indian bangles as my subject, and shot outdoors. The final edit had a heavy vignette to draw attention to the detailed artwork of the bangles. In a nutshell, the bangles highlight my ancestry, while the outdoors symbolizes my love for nature. The heavy vignette captures my editing preference of rich, yet subtle colors that sometimes border on a goth-like finish. 

        Here's a before and after for comparison.

Photo Specs:

     F-stop: f/5.6
     Exposure time: 1/80
     ISO speed: 200
     Focal length: 87 mm



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