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52 Frames: Reflection

March 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

             Week ten: Reflection

             Caption: Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. 

Ten: ReflectionTen: Reflection

           This image was shot and edited in 90 minutes. I was super pressed for time and completely devoid of innovative ideas. I kept it simple by using a mirror, my cat and natural light. I laid the mirror flat on the floor so that it was well lit by the light from the window. Then I had my cat lay on the mirror (with someone helping to hold her in place). I took 25 takes, and quickly sorted through what I had to work with. The above image was edited in Lightroom to clone several areas to make it seem like I used an endless mirror. I had sharpened the the facial outlines of the cat, and blurred the outer perimeters of the shot. I also tweaked the RGB and tone curves to add a bit of red-orangish glow to the overall image. 

Photo Specs:

     F-stop: f/2
     Exposure time: 1/100
     ISO speed: 200
     Focal length: 50 mm


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