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52 Frames: Levitation

March 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

           Week 13: Levitation

           Caption: Awoken 

          Thirteen: LevitationThirteen: Levitation Crazy week! This challenge truly threw me for a loop. I went back and forth in my head all week on ways to portray levitation without having to indulge in Photoshop. However, I never got the time to experiment. Moreover, I knew my shot would either be a self portrait or of the cats. I had no models to work with, and my sister is away on vacation. I did extensive research on posing, before and after stills of levitation and layer masking in PS. I bought a stool and way too many flowers because I knew I wanted a prop, but hadn't decided on the color or the amount of flowers. I transformed my living room into a full studio with a black background, softbox and several other lighting sources. I set the stool in the center of the backdrop and got to shooting. After enduring an hour of uncomfortable posing and blood rushing to my head, I had a few takes to work with. Thereafter, I took a shot of the backdrop without the stool as the layer that would be used to erase the stool and any other imperfections. While in PS, I also extended the background and flipped the angle of my pose to make it more "levitating." Here's a  SOOC and the edit before the reposition. 

Photo Specs:

     F-stop: f/3.5
     Exposure time: 1/80
     ISO speed: 800
     Focal length: 19 mm


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