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52 Frames: Rule of Odds

February 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

           Week 7: Rule of Odds

           Caption: Which would you choose?

Seven: Rule of OddsSeven: Rule of Odds

            The rule of odds states that images are more visually appealing when there is an odd number of subjects. Studies have shown that people are actually more at ease and comfort when viewing imagery with an odd number of subjects, rather than in pairs or even numbers. Odd right? Ah well...  I tried photographing three apples and three necklaces. In the end, I went with the necklaces.

             The set up for this week's photo was relatively easy. I hung the pendant necklaces from push pins against a wall. The perfectionist in me ensured that they were arranged in descending order. I took quite a few shots from different angles. At this point, I unsure as to which photo I'd be using for my submission. I edited a few images to add a vintage feel to it. Then I played around with colors and hues to get just the perfect color scheme. It's the funniest thing when taking a photo becomes less stressful than editing the image to achieve the look you had in mind. Here's a collage of the two color schemes I was torn between. Eventually, I chose the bluer-tint.

Photo Specs:
     F-stop: f/5
     Exposure time: 1/125
     ISO speed: 400
     Focal length: 50 mm


I like the necklace on the far right and the purple background. :)
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