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52 Frames: Complementary Colors

January 25, 2015  •  2 Comments

           Week 4: Complementary Colors

           Extra Credit: Fashion

             "Do what you believe in, and watch yourself blossom."

Four: Complementary ColorsFour: Complementary Colors

           Believe it or not, this was an exceptionally difficult theme. At the beginning of the week, I was bursting with ideas for fashion related photos. By Wednesday, I was utterly confused on what to do after reviewing the complementary color chart. My closet is pretty black and white, and I had limited time to sort through clothes that would adequately represent the theme if I wanted to partake in the extra credit challenge. Luckily, I had a mint green dress lying around and some roses from my birthday earlier this week. Thankfully, green and red are complementary colors :). NY had snow in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I capitalized on this by using my backyard as my backdrop. I shot for about 15 minutes because it was simply too cold out to shoot any longer. I got 78 takes, only 5 were usable. 

            I edited the images with Wuthering Heights in mind (that might explain the gothist look). Funny enough, the final edit reminds me of the deer/moose/stag from Hannibal. I submitted the above image as my pick for this week's theme because I was unhappy with the other takes. There were just too many flaws. For instance, the flowers weren't in focus, my right arm was peeking out of my side in a weird way or the pose was just too awkward. Here's a sample of my rejects.

           Not sure if my submission is colorful enough for complementary colors, but I wanted my shot to minimal and soft. What are your thoughts?

Photo Specs:
     F-stop: f/2.5
     Exposure time: 1/80
     ISO speed: 100
     Focal length: 50 mm


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